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Each remodeling project presents different challenges, so it is important to select your "remodeling team" carefully. When you work with a member of the Remodelers Council you can be assured that your team is:

  • Licensed - Builders & Remodelers are licensed by the state of Minnesota
  • Professional - our members care about their industry & prove it by joining a professional association
  • Knowledgeable - members attend education classes, trade shows, & seminars to keep up with the latest products & techniques
  • Resourceful - members have the opportunity to network with many other construction professionals
  • Community Minded - our members give back to the community through a variety of community projects

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RAB Remodelers Council, Rochester, MN

Your home is your largest investment - trust it to a remodeling professional who is a member of the Remodelers Council and be sure to Remodel It Right!

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